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Naturopathic & Nutritional Medicine Consultations:

Initial consultation - 90 minutes $150: During an initial consult a thorough case history is taken where we go over your current health concerns and your past medical history. I'll ask you lots of questions, including what you eat, sleep patterns, stress levels, energy levels etc. Some in clinic testing is also available including body composition testing, zinc status and iridology. I can also send you for further testing through pathology services if necessary. Testing through pathology can include: Blood tests for vitamins and minerals, food intolerance & coeliac disease, cholesterol, thyroid hormones & antibodies, female & male hormones, MTHFR and more. Other testing can include stool analysis, parasite testing, pyrroles, heavy metal testing, liver function, intestinal permeability and more.

Treatment plan consultation - 45 minutes $100: Between the first consult and the treatment plan consult, I will have worked hard to put together a comprehensive and personalised treatment plan for you. During the treatment plan consultation we'll go over your treatment plan and I'll make sure you have all the tools you need to put your plan into action. 


Follow up consultation - 30 minutes $100: Implementing a successful treatment plan works best with follow up consultations. During these consultations we go over your progress and work through any problems you may be having and find solutions so you can reach your health goals. 

Health fund rebates are available.

Supplements & herbal medicines are an additional cost.

What to bring to your consultation: 

Please bring any copies of any recent blood (or other) test results and a list of all current medications and supplements that you are taking. Importantly, please bring 100% commitment to making changes to your health!  


Other services:

Supermarket tours - 60 minutes $80 for individual tours or $60 per person (minimum of 2 people) for group tours: Let's explore local supermarkets and I'll help you read labels and choose products that are free from additives, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. I'll also help you choose foods that are healthy and budget friendly.

Fridge & pantry makeover - 90 minutes $150: Let's sort through your fridge & pantry. I'll help you read labels and choose healthy swaps for your fridge & pantry staples that are free from additives, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Wholefood cooking one on one - 90 minutes $150: Let's cook together. I'll show you how to cook healthy foods from whole ingredients that are simple, easy, healthy and budget friendly. 


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